Furnish Your Living Room Right with Furniture Rentals

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, comfortable living room with the best possible home furnishings. Unfortunately, some of us can’t afford to buy all the wonderful home furnishings we’d love to own. Luckily, there’s a great alternative that may be right for you – rent to own furniture.

The fact is that you can find some of the best brand name, top-quality and affordable furniture for your living room at a store that specializes in furniture rentals. Today’s rental furniture is a world away from the days when rent to own furniture may have been considered less than desirable. A quality furniture rentals company will provide you with a wide range of beautiful home furnishings for your living room at affordable prices.

A good company will provide you with many choices of rent to own furniture for your living room. You should look for a rental furniture business that offers you the following, at a minimum.

Living Room Groups – These normally feature a sofa and loveseat grouping in many styles and various coverings.

Sectionals – These usually feature a sofa and corner chaise.

Recliners – Every man’s favorite chair.

Occasional Tables – A classy accent for any well-appointed living room.

Reclining Furniture – Nearly everyone loves these sofas and love seats that have reclining features built into them.

Ottomans – A true touch of class for any home.

By acquiring your home furnishings from a rental furniture company, you get the best of both worlds. High quality, name brand furnishings that you can rent to own through a flexible payment plan. It’s quality, affordable furniture that can eventually be yours to own. 

Dining Room Furniture

Your kitchen and dining room is the heart of your home. It’s where you and your family enjoy memorable family gatherings during family celebrations and holiday events. Your dining and kitchen furniture should fit those times as well as be functional and stylish. Affordable Home Furnishing has a wide assortment of rental furniture including bar stools, chairs, benches, and dining room sets that can perfectly match your décor tastes and your dining needs as you gather around your dining room or kitchen table, regardless of how formal or customary the occasion. Affordable Home Furnishings has dining room and kitchen rental furniture that will fit any space and size room. Whether you need rental furniture for an eat-in kitchen, a formal dining room, or small space for an island with bar stools, Affordable Home Furniture has a large selection of rental furniture styles, colors, fabrics and brands that will please your entire family. We specialize in rent-to-own that allows you to dine in style and still stay within your budget. With the no long-term obligation on our rental furniture, you can return the rented items at any time with no penalty. Whether you want to pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, families can benefit with our rent-to-own furniture by taking advantage of our flexible payment plans that will fit your budget.

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be a refuge where you can relax and fall asleep. Whether you are looking to furnish your master bedroom or a guest bedroom, Affordable Home Furniture rental furniture can help you select the furniture you want and need, without worrying about budget constraints. Choosing rent-to-own furniture you will find that affordable furniture for your bedroom is well within your reach. We offer top quality, brand name rental furniture that you can rent to own at very reasonable rates – and with flexible payment plans as well. Even if you are a first-time buyer or have a bad credit rating, chances are you can still obtain rental furniture for your bedroom with no long-term obligation and no security deposit. If you’re interested in furniture rentals for your bedroom, Affordable Home Furnishings has a wide selection of rental furniture that will fit your unique needs while also meeting your desire to make your bedroom a special, personal space. We have entire bedroom groups, beds, day beds, chest of drawers, dressers, and nightstands from the top furniture makers. Obtaining your home furnishings from Affordable Home Furnishings provides you with several benefits including brand name and high-quality rental furniture that you can pay for on your own terms. Rent-to-own furniture also means that you can payoff the furniture early with no obligation or penalties.  


Whether you’re watching TV, reading, or sleeping, your mattress should be comfortable as well as affordable. Affordable Home Furnishings helps your financial worries fade away so you can sleep comfortably on your new rental mattress. Affordable Home Furnishings has rental mattresses in Twin, Full, Queen or King sizes. Whether you plan on owning the mattress or renting one for a short term for out-of-town guests, we have rental furniture options to match your time table and budget. Our rent-to-own option helps you select the mattress that fits your sleep habits, your financial plan and your rental furniture needs. Obtaining a mattress from Affordable Home Furnishings provides you the benefit of having a brand name, high-quality mattress with the flexibility of paying monthly, bi-weekly or weekly. Rent-to-own furniture also means that you have the choice of early payoff for the rental furniture at any time with no obligation or penalties.


Kids' Furniture 

Your child’s room should be space for children to laugh and play, learn and grow, rest and relax.  Affordable Home Furnishing rental furniture is sturdy enough to climb on and delightful enough to foster your child’s imagination. Affordable Home Furnishings has a wide array of rental furniture for children including toddler beds and bunk beds, nightstands, dressers, and storage units for clothes and toys. Our rental furniture comes in popular bed frame designs, including panel, low profile, poster, and sleigh constructions. We also have daybeds, which has become popular with pre-teens and teens because it allows them more room to entertain their friends. With several colors and styles to choose from, you will be sure to find a rent-to-own bedroom suite to match your child’s wishes as well as Mom & Dad’s pocketbook. With our rent-to-own options, your children can enjoy the furniture, while you pay weekly or monthly. Affordable Home Furnishings rental furniture option allows you to get the quality home furnishings that you need for your children when you need them. There is no long-term obligation with Affordable 

Home Entertainment Furniture

Looking for a TV stand or entertainment stand for your Big Screen? Perhaps you’ve busted your budget on your big screen. No problem if you still need an entertainment stand you can afford. Affordable Home Furnishings has several styles of rental entertainment stands to choose from to fit any size TV, family room and budget. With a variety of sizes and colors, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your tastes. Our rental furniture collection of entertainment stands creates richness and elegance of the traditional or contemporary design coupled with modern day function. We have several finishes in our rental furniture entertainment stands to choose from to match your existing living room décor. Our affordable pricing and rent-to-own options allow you to enjoy your new entertainment center the same day as purchase so you can begin enjoying your TV and rental entertain stand immediately. Obtaining your rental furniture from Affordable Home Furnishings provides you with several benefits including brand name high-quality rental furniture that you can pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Rent-to-own furniture also means that you have the choice of paying out the length of the contract to own your rental entertainment center outright or you can return the rental furniture at any time with no obligation or penalties.

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